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Tomato Ring

It's a Cage on a Stake!

Grow the best tomatoes this year. Designed specifically to help grow & support tomatoes. The Tomato Ring is made of galvanized spring steel and is one of the premier tomato cages on the market today. With the Tomato Ring you get the best of both worlds. Experience the convenient support of tomato cages and the height and plant support of a stake without the bulk of a cage and tedious tying and retying of a stake. At end of season simply toss them in a bucket.

Veggie Cage

The Best Plant Support You'll Ever Own!

Revolutionary new vegetable and tomato garden. The Veggie Cage attaches to any tomato stake you might be using . Designed to make supporting tall plants & vines quick & easy. The Veggie Cage is so superior to a flimsy wire vegetable ring that you'll never use the wire vegetable ring again. Durable, attractive and space-saving, the Veggie Cage will support all your veggies, vining & support-loving plants beautifully.

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